3 Surprisingly Easy Steps To Make $300 a Day Online!

Today I wanted to do something a little bit different. A lot of people ask me what is the method that I prefer using. What is the method that let’s say I’m brand new, let’s say I’ve been struggling to really create a full-time income to maybe quit a job I hate.

What is that method that you’d recommend Well in today’s video as you follow me Until the very end I’m gonna pull back The curtain reveal my three-step formula That I personally abused the last five Years to make multiple thousands of Thousands of dollars online and if You’re brand new to this channel what I’m gonna do real quick is share with You some proof on the screen so you can See I do know what I’m talking about and I do make money online now if you’re Brand new to this channel also and you Don’t want to miss out on my latest Training be sure to click the subscribe Button and the Bell icon so you never Miss out on my latest videos now there’s Lots of different ways to make money Online but I always tend to recommend People start with something they’re Already doing that way they can just do Something they’re already good at making Money from that realize it’s possible

And then they can start to branch out Into other different methods so let me Ask you a question my friend are you Recommending friends to movies that You’re watching are you ever going out Maybe to a new restaurant in your city Or town and liking it and then sharing That with a friend and then maybe They’ve gone to that restaurant if You’ve answered yes to any one of those Questions then you’re already doing the Skill and the way that you’re gonna be Making money in this easy and simple Method the method is basically affiliate Marketing now a lot of people throw Those those words around a lot of people Get turned off because they don’t Realize how simple and easy it actually Can be and as you continue to follow me Along especially towards the end as I Walk you through all three of these Powerful and easy steps you’re gonna Have your eyes opened you’re gonna be Excited as you can go out there as soon As today and some people may even make Their first deposit okay so what I want To share with you is that you have to Realize affiliate marketing is simply Recommending people just like a movie Just like to a new restaurant except You’re actually gonna get paid for it Okay and what we’re gonna do is we’re Gonna use online sites such as Facebook Instagram YouTube to do this so we don’t

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Have to actually go out there one by And try to recommend people we’re gonna Do it on virtual autopilot in some cases And it’s absolutely incredible so the Very first step my friend is to choose An interest to actually start to find Products in what I want to ask you my Friend is what is your passion right do You like cooking do you like dogs do you Like mixed martial arts do you like Fishing whatever you like you can Actually start to create money in that Interest what you have to realize is the Riches are in the niches okay these are Different niches different topics that We want to choose and you want to choose One now it really doesn’t matter but I Recommend you choose one of the top Three evergreen niches these are topics That everyone always will have interest In these are health wealth and Relationships if you choose one of the Topics in one of those categories you’re Gonna be able to do this formula for Years and years to come Okay now the second step once we’ve Chosen a topic and for me I chose how to Make money online see I was researching Different ways I was struggling as a Broke waiter I was barely making ends Meet and I found myself on videos on YouTube researching how to make money so For me it just made sense I thought wow Why don’t I choose the topic of how to

Make money I’m already learning it why Don’t I just do that and start to apply This formula so that’s what I personally Did about five years ago now the second Step is we want to start to build an Audience around that niche okay an Audience of people that come to know Like and trust us now it’s very critical That you build all those qualities into The audience as you start to build it Now why do we want to build this Audience well the more people that come To know like and trust us the more People we’re gonna eventually be able to Not only help not only inspire not only Entertain but also recommend products Too okay and that’s gonna be in the Third step that I’ll hit on in a second But focusing on step two you want to Start to build this audience now there’s Really two ways to build this audience You can entertain them okay do something Like you know a lot of viral youtubers Do they build a massive following doing Very energy Videos and those audiences that they Build know like and trust that person But the second way one of the easiest Ways that I recommend for newbies or People that maybe don’t have a lot of Time in the day maybe you’re working a Job may be working two jobs maybe you Have a family and you don’t have a lot Of time to get started what I recommend

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You do is you actually start teaching Okay you build a following of people Based on teaching valuable information So if you choose let’s say weight loss Your topic is weight loss then you can Start teaching people on Facebook Teaching people on Instagram how to lose Weight now what’s gonna happen is you’re Gonna start to build a following as you Stay consistent to share a quick story With you my friend you know about five Years ago again I was struggling as a Waiter I had just dropped out of college I was a C student right I had no idea When it came to making money online but I wanted more freedom I wanted to be Able to travel to different islands I Wanted to be able to just hang out my Friends and family so I started Researching how to make money online and How to do things like that and I started To build a following sharing information That I was learning on how to make money Online so as I researched blogs as I Watched amazing YouTube videos I would Share the information that I was Learning put it in my own words and I Started to attract a following a people That came to know like and trust me and Then I was able to do the final and Third step which is very powerful and That is you want to recommend products To that audience what you have to Realize is as you build that audience

The way you’re gonna be making money is You want to recommend products to that Audience you know you can recommend them Courses you can recommend different Resources that you’ve personally used That’s gonna help them again if you’re Doing weight loss you can recommend People to vitamins that you’ve used well Often those vitamins are gonna have an Affiliate program that you can actually Get a commission for recommending people That product so that’s how top people Are doing any top youtubers may have Sponsorships okay they may have ads on Their YouTube video they’re monetizing The audience that they’re now building You want to go find products that have To do with the topic you found and then You want to recommend that in your Content okay now you may be wondering Where do you find products to promote I Have a lot of videos on my channel that You can go through but if you just want To save all that time and you want to Save all that effort I recommend you click the first link in The description below it’s gonna take You to my number one recommended Affiliate product and system to promote It does all the work for you and it pays You up to a hundred percent commissions And up to a thousand dollars in a single Deposit anyway my friend I hope you Enjoyed this powerful breakdown this is

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The three steps I personally use the Last five years and many many of my Students have used successfully as well If you like this video and you got value Be sure to click the like button to let Me know to make more also be sure to hit The subscribe button to bail icon so you Never miss out on my money-making Secrets and last but not least if you’re Watching this in this made sense and Maybe you don’t want to go out there and Do all the pain of investing to Different systems and tools and try to Find all different products if your Gonna find a done-for-you solution where You can literally plug in get started And start to receive results as soon as This week in most cases click the first Link put your email in and in your inbox In about 5 minutes you’ll receive an Overview of exactly how it works anyway My friend makes so much for watching and I will see you in my next video [Music]

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