A Beginner’s Guide to Making $1,950 with Affiliate Marketing for Free

This made $1,950 while i was trying to make money with affiliate marketing, and I’m making more every week. This is a full step by step guide and i show you how you can start this.

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IF you want to make money with affiliate marketing you need a product that not only pays a good commission but converts. Fiverr has a great affiliate marketing system that converts very well, I show you in this free tutorial. Becoming an affiliate and promoting offers in 2023 for a commissions is a great way to make money in 2023.

The first step is to head over to Fiverr and get yourself an affiliate account then once you have done that create an ebook using ChatGPT about a toping related to a service on Fiverr. Once you have done that put your custom link in the book so you can get commissions. The nest set after that is to upload the e-book to Gum Road and give it away for free. you make money with affiliate marketing when people click the links inside the book and make a purchase. This tutorial is a course that’s free to help you get started as a beginner.


As you can see here I have 260 dollars Ready to be paid out right now all I Need to do guys to get my money from This method is go to request payment and It’s going to take me to a request Payment page and then I go to request Payment right here then I’m going to Click Auto generate invoice and then I’m Going to go to request payment and I’m Going to get sent my commissions to my Paypal account all right so I just Showed you how I requested my payment From making my affiliate marketing Commissions with this particular method I’ve made over one thousand nine hundred Dollars and in this video I’m going to Show you exactly how I did this and then I’m going to take you through how you Can do this yourself and this is a Method that you can do for completely Free now affiliate marketing is blowing Up right now and what I’m going to do is Show you one of the best ways to make Money with affiliate marketing in 2023 And show you exactly how I did it and Then show you the steps that you can Take let’s jump into this tutorial and I’ll show you how to get started right Now alright guys so here’s my affiliate Counts now now we’re going to jump into This more soon and show you what program This is and everything like that but I Just wanted to show you up here if I Click on this it says balance so that is

What I am owed and then it says earned So that’s everything that I’ve earned Overall with this and then paid as what I’ve been paid so the earned is the Difference from the balance and what I’ve been paid and then there’s my name And stuff like that but we’re going to Jump into this more in a second and this Is today haven’t made any commissions Today because it’s a brand new day so Let’s jump into this but first I want to Explain to you what affiliate marketing Is because a lot of people still don’t Really understand how this works but It’s one of the most common ways to make Money online so essentially a company or A person will have a product so for Example this uh the QuickBooks University this is just an example so You would get paid a commission and then They would take money as well now the Commissions can range from 10 all the Way up to 70 I’ve seen but that’s Exactly how affiliate marketing works You’re getting a commission for Promoting somebody else’s product and it Is one of the most common ways to make Money because it’s very simple to do Because you don’t need your own product You don’t need to need a physical Product or anything that you’re just Promoting something that someone else Has already created now before we get Into the actual method what I want to do

Is explain to you how I made these Affiliate marketing commissions then I’m Going to show you how you can actually Do this for free in a much better way Than I actually did it and we’ll explain I’ll explain to you exactly how that Worked right now so what happened is I Was giving away a free course on Affiliate marketing okay this was Completely free anyone could go and see This particular course inside that Course there is training on affiliate Marketing then what happened was some of These students started asking me so There’s a section about affiliate Marketing and websites and stuff like That well essentially this course is About affiliate marketing using websites People started asking me hey Franklin How can I go ahead and get a website Made or do you make them now I don’t Have time to make websites for people I’m too busy so what I started to do is I started to send them to Fiverr and I Said hey go to Fiverr and put in Something like affiliate Website All right and what would happen is those Guys would go to Fiverr and put an Affiliate website and they could go Ahead and get an affiliate marketing Website made on Fiverr and I was doing That for some time and then I thought to Myself I wonder if fiver has an

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Affiliate Network I had no idea if they Did so I scrolled to the bottom of their Page and I found out that they do if you Click on here it says affiliate now if You scroll down it tells you how you can Become affiliate and it shows you all The commissions and everything like that And all the information that you need so You can potentially promote Fiverr and Get an affiliate but the best thing is Is you can promote any single gig Separately if you like so what I started Doing is I went out and I would find a Particular gig that I thought was a good Suit for my followers or for people in My course and I would give them an Affiliate link so I would actually make A commission via them purchasing an Affiliate site and these are the types Of commissions that you can expect 50 Depends on the category right so fifty Dollars for this category 40 for this Category 30 for this category 25 for This category and then 15 for everything Else or 150 for fiber Pro services so For example Um if someone purchased a Fiverr Pro Service I’ll get 150. but what I want to Do is I know another way that you can go Ahead and do this yourself and make Money for free so let’s get started and I’ll show you exactly how to do this now The first step that you are going to Want to do is you want to go to go to a

Website called chatgpt I know chat GPT Again but it’s just easier for this to Work this way and you want to go and Create an ebook on a particular Niche Now for this video we’re just going to Use affiliate marketing as an example so A book on affiliate marketing and a Video about making money with affiliate Marketing and what I’m going to do is I’m going to tell chat GPT to create me An affiliate marketing ebook Um around websites so I’ll be back in a Sec now guys while chat GPT is writing Me this book I’m gonna go ahead and show You how to get your affiliate link that You are going to need to actually make This work so what you want to do is you Want to go and sign up to the Fiverr Affiliate marketing account so what you Want to do is you want to go to Marketing tools and you want to go to Deep default and deep links okay and What’s going to happen is these are the Links that you can send people to but What we can actually do is we can put Another Link in here Um I’ll kind of show you I think I Remember how to do it I’ll show you so Let’s go to this one here I’m going to Take this particular Um Service I’m going to copy the URL go Back to here and go LP URL and paste This in here and click enter yep that’s

Worked and what this has done is it’s Given me an affiliate link and there’s Different types of links that you can Use you want to go Fiverr CPA or Fiverr Hybrid we’re just going to go CPA that Means click per acquisition so we’re Going to get or action depending on how It’s used we’re going to get around About 30 40 25 depending on the service That they buy okay so this is going to Be your affiliate link now if I go to This page Um if I go and put it into here that’s The link and I push enter it’s going to Refresh it and this is now my affiliate Link I’ll get a commission if someone Makes a purchase so now keep that link In mind now what we want to do is we Want to go back to chat GPT it’s written Out the content I’m going to copy this Content right here and I’m going to go To Google documents and you want to have A blank page ready to go and I’m going To paste it in here okay yeah so just Paste it in there and then you want to Make it look really really nice but for This video I’m not going to do that Because I want to get this video done For you guys as fast as possible so we Can get you started on making money you Want to go back to your Fiverr account And you want to copy that link what you Want to do inside this book is because This book is about making money with

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Affiliate marketing using websites you Want to just say something like hey Affiliate markets are the most popular Ways to make money online now before Chapter one I’m going to write this book Is about making Money Making money using affiliate Marketing websites I recommend You get a website made here And then just put something like Website starter pack And then highlight that and then link Put your affiliate Link in there so What’s what’s happening is we’re going To be going away and I’ll show you where To put this book and people are going to Come and read it and because it’s about Affiliate marketing with websites they Might want to get a website made so I Might click that link and you could Potentially get a commission now keep in Mind they have a thing called Deep Linking so what else do people need when They are making affiliate marketing Websites they need content creating Content So what’s going to happen is they’re Probably going to also go to articles And they’re probably going to get Articles from Fiverr as well well guess What you’re going to make money from That purchase as well you don’t have to

Link them or anything because it’s Already deep linked to your link it’s Already cookied in now so they’re going To go ahead and get articles as well so You’re going to get commissions from That also very very cool stuff or if you Wanted to you could also add a separate Link down here going ahead and saying Hey you can get some articles here Either way what we want to do now is we Have this book you want to make it a lot Nicer than this guys this is just a Quick tutorial you want to go to file And then you want to go to export or Download and we want to download it in a PDF format okay now that has downloaded Now the next step is probably thinking Well how can I go ahead and make money What you want to do next is you want to Go to a website called Gumroad.com if we go on gumroad.com Right down here and we go down to Something like education you’ll see that View all You’ll see that there’s people selling EBooks okay Now we can go ahead and we can go and Sell an ebook if we like as well for Like a dollar I think you can even give Them away but as you can see this is Where you can go ahead and upload and Sell ebooks now these guys this Gum Road They don’t charge you they only take Percentage of the sale cost right so

That’s all they do they don’t Um charge you any money to use this Service they only charge you a fee when You sell a percentage of that sale price So what you’re going to go ahead and do Is you’re going to start your own Gumroad account that’s very easy to do You just go ahead and Start one okay and I’m just going to put An affiliate marketing here I’m pretty sure there’s some books on Affiliate marketing Yep so there’s some books on affiliate Marketing as well Okay very simple and there you go zero So you can actually give them away for Free if you want once you sign up you’re Going to go into the back end that looks Like this and you’re going to publish Your first product and you’re going to Want to give it a product name and what I’m going to do is I’m going to call This Um Micro Site Affiliate marketing 101 okay this is you might want to think Of something a bit better than this but This is just a little bit of an example And then we’re going to go digital Product so a set of files to download or Stream And it’s going to go ahead and that’s

What we need to do and then we’re going To set a price okay I’m going to usually do US dollars Now I I I’m not sure if I did see that People were doing it for free I’m not Sure if you can I think obviously you Can but you it used to be you could that You could do a one dollar minimum or They wouldn’t make any money but we’ll Try and do it for free or you can just Do it for one dollar okay but we’ll try To do it for free And then you want to go next to Customize So essentially what you’re doing is You’re giving away the book for free Right and then you’re going ahead and You are um getting they’re going to Click your links in the actual book now What you can do is you can go to Canva.com and you can Um Create a logo or something for the thing Right for the listing so if we actually Go here you’ll see we need an image so You can just go to canva what I’m going To do is I’m just going to quickly Download one for this tutorial but what You would do is you would go ahead and You would customize a particular image You can use canva to do this for Completely free you can change all of This around and stuff Um what I will do is I’ll just change

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This to affiliate marketing Uh we don’t need to have affiliate Affiliate marketing And we’ll delete this Okay we’ll just do that right super easy You see how easy that was and now we’re Just going to go to download And we’re going to download this image Now while that’s downloading what I want To do is I just want to click on a few Of these so this is what this guy is Doing now what I’m going to do is I’m Just going to copy some of this for our Example Um obviously don’t do that you or you Want to create your own description but We’re just going to use some of this Just for hours for this video what you Can see is he’s selling this particular Product and he’s already got 78 ratings So he’s made money this is nine dollars Per month so that’s 78 people who are Paying nine dollars per month that’s Really really good that’s that’s well That’s I think it’s nearly a thousand Dollars a month plus he’s probably the People that give ratings is only a small Portion of the people who’ve actually Purchased the product so what I’m going To do is I’m going to go back here I’m Going to put in a quick description This is just when we we copied remember You must have your own and then what We’re going to do is we’re going to go

Um upload image so I’ve uploaded that Downloaded one it might not be centered Very well but we’ll see kind of what it Looks like when it’s loaded Um Yes that’s not oh yeah that’s actually Not too bad And then upload a thumbnail we might Have an issued this one now while that’s Loading you want to have a call to Action so just put I want this And then there’s a bit of a summary you Can put in and then add some additional Details and pricing Minimum amount zero then suggestions two And then you can add versions of your Product if you like and then you’re Ready to go it’s going to go save and Continue and you can upload your files By clicking here and going and then I’m Going to upload my file and now my file Is uploading and then once this is done All you do is go save and continue and That’s it You simply go publish and continue and You’ve now published this book that you Are going to have on gumroad.com and on Gumroad we’ll just go back to gumroad Real quick gumroad is a platform where People sell products and mostly Um things like ebooks and stuff like That and courses and all of that sort of Stuff so that’s how you can go ahead and Take the strategy that I use but do it

In a different way that is completely Free if you don’t have an audience Because remember I made my money because I actually already did have a little bit Of audience inside my free course but You can do that using um Fiverr and Fiverr has a really really good Affiliate marketing program that you can Use to go ahead and make money online All right guys don’t forget to subscribe Smash that like button affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to Make money online right now and I’ll see You on the next video

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