MAKE $200+ PER DAY ON FACEBOOK! (Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed)

I’m literally gonna reveal some of our best-kept secrets that I’ve personally used over the last five years to make hundreds of affiliate sales just from my simple Facebook profile. At the end of this entire formula you’re gonna be able to go out there and apply it and start to create sales.

Especially if you know maybe you’re Brand new and you don’t have a lot of technical ability or you don’t have a Lot of money for paid advertising you’re Gonna be able to use this to create some Absolutely incredible results of you’re Excited to learn that my friend be sure To click the like button below to let me Know also be sure to hit the subscribe Button the Bell icon so you’re always Notified of videos just like this okay So without further adieu my friend what You have to realize is that a lot of People online a lot of people that do YouTube videos are not actually teaching What they’re really doing okay these So-called gurus it really infuriates me Because I see newbies coming online They’re listening to these people with You know huge massive followings and Often times they’re telling them stuff But they’re not actually doing Themselves so they go out there you get Frustrated you get you know skip in more

Skeptical that and it doesn’t work and You end up just not really achieving the Results you want so it fuels me so much In this video to actually reveal some of The things I personally have done so you Know you can actually finally get the Results you want Now this is assuming that you already Have an affiliate product that you’re Gonna promote this is using affiliate Marketing where you find a product Online you don’t have to create it when You recommend someone to that product And they buy it you actually get a Portion of that money okay now different Affiliate programs the different Affiliate products work differently some Can be you know let’s say in the health And fitness topic some can be dog Training some could be how to make money Online there’s lots of different Products and if you don’t know how to Find a product I’ll either pop a card on Or in the description I’ll put a video That I made recently on how to actually Find affiliate products to start Promoting because that’s really the First step in this video I’m gonna walk You through some of the secrets that I Personally took after finding a product To generate over you know seven thousand Nine hundred people that are following Me and how I get you know hundreds of Likes on my pictures up to four hundred

Likes or so on my Posts and pictures okay so the first Step my friend when you want to market On Facebook is you need to start Building friends okay now again this Isn’t using a Facebook page that’s a lot Of paid advertising and honestly when You post on a Facebook page nowadays Because Facebook wants you to run paid Advertising to get people to see it They’re actually gonna lessen the reach Of that post so you’re actually gonna Get in my opinion and talk about a lot Of different marketers you’re actually Often gonna get a lot more free reach Just by posting on your Facebook profile So if you don’t want to post and build a Following on your main Facebook profile Right now you can actually either create A brand new account or you can you know Just create a private from your friends The certain posts that you make but I Just leave my public and I just build it Over time okay so the first step again Is to build friends now we don’t just Want to add a ton of random friends we Want to add people that are specifically Possibly interested in the product that We’re gonna promote okay so again it Depends on the product but let’s say for Example in this video you are let’s say Interested in personal training maybe You are a personal trainer and you want To promote training products in health

And fitness online okay now this is just One example again but let’s say that now How do we find people that are Potentially interested in loosing weight Right or getting more fit because those Are the people we want to find add them To our Facebook profile and as we build Our friends when we go to post to make Sales which I’ll share as you keep Watching we’re gonna get a lot more Sales and a lot more money okay the Bigger your following the more potential Money you can make so what you have to Realize is if you go to Facebook and you Go to the very top and you type in the Category of the topic of the product You’re wanting to promote for example Weight loss and you search that and then Filter by groups it’s gonna list down a Ton of groups that people have created On Facebook with ranges of different Amounts of members now these are right Here you could say that this one is 854 Thousand members okay that’s a very Popular group you could join that one You could join you know this has 139 Anything above 5,000 members is good to Join a Okay you don’t want to join too many I Would recommend you know 10 to 20 groups A day max and once you’re joined about 10 you’re gonna be able to do that even Just one group actually you’re gonna be Able to do that but the more groups the

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Better as you’ll see in a second but Once you’re inside the group ok so if I Open up this group for example once You’re in there now I didn’t join it yet But let’s say I’m inside the group what You will find is it will actually show You members ok so inside a Facebook Group if you go to it it will actually Share with you the members and if I Actually just go to one of my older Groups that I when I was promoting a Specific affiliate product if I go to This okay I’m inside the group see the Members rate here okay 423 members so These people are interested right so These people if you’re in the weight Loss group okay they would be interested In loosing weight so then what I would Personally do if I was in affiliate Marketing and I was doing weight loss is Inside that group I would go through These members and I would just add them As a friend okay just add them as a Friend now you don’t want to add too Many people either Okay we’re building this following but Facebook has limits I want you to be Safe when you start to apply this so What I would recommend you do is add Maybe like 30 friends max per day okay And even maybe a little bit less than That maybe 20 to be safe and as you do It more and more and your your profile Gets bigger you’ll be able to add more

And more people but you want to start a Little bit slow but we’re adding people I hope you realize what we’re doing We’re adding people that are Specifically interested because they’re In a group they’re specifically Interested on the topic of our product So then when we go to promote the Product with posts on our Facebook There’s a good chance that the people Won’t be interested there’s a good Chance that people will feel a desire to Buy and there’s a good chance that People will decide to take action ok so What’s the next step Well once we start adding friends now Some people okay it’s normal or not Gonna rip you know accept your friend Request okay some people are gonna be Like you know they don’t you know hey I Don’t know you blah blah blah that’s Totally normal okay but there’s gonna be A massive amount of people that are open To meet new people that are friendly and When you add those people and they Accept you you can actually either start A conversation going with them you can Say Hey thanks so much for accepting my Friend request or you can simply just Let them be a friend and let them see Your future posts okay so that’s the Next step is once we actually start Building a following how do we start

Monetizing monetizing that following Okay because there’s really two simple Steps when it comes to the affiliate Marketing as I cover my channel as you Stay subscribed number one is to build a List of targeted people okay for example In this example we’re building a list of People interested in weight loss on our Facebook profiles friends and in the Second step of affiliate marketing is Market to that list promote and sell to That list okay so and the way we do that Is we actually have products and we make Posts on our Facebook to get interest And people coming to us so you’re not Gonna have to chase people you’re not Gonna have to do a massive amount of you Know prospecting and asking people Questions you can just use this simple Formula apply it in 30 minutes to an Hour a day and start to create some Absolutely incredible results now let’s Say you’ve already started adding them People are you know your friends list is Building now what we want to do is we Want to understand that we need to brand Ourselves as someone that knows the Topic that we’re promoting in and let me Unpackage that so people buy from people They know like and trust people buy from Authority figures okay now you may be Thinking if I promote a weight loss Product online maybe I’m not an Authority figure like you know maybe

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People don’t look at me maybe I’m not a Personal trainer right how am I gonna Sell well what you want to do is there’s Something in marketing called Positioning okay you want to position Yourself as an authority because no one Is gonna just grant you oh you’re an Authority on this topic okay so you want To brand yourself as a leader in an Expert in that actual topic okay so if It’s weight loss maybe you’re doing you Know how to make money online okay you Want to brand yourself as someone that Is getting results okay and if you’re Not getting results how do you actually Brand yourself well first off you want To put a good cover picture okay you can See right here I put a cover picture With my website link okay with myself You know this is a lifestyle shot you Want to put a cover picture that is Professional-looking in the topic that You’re actually promoting okay so you Could have a weight loss you could have You know maybe you know your self Looking fit you could have a nice Background now it doesn’t have to be Yourself in the cover it can just be you Can go to Google Images and get a good Picture your profile picture okay you Want it to be of you again people buy From people they know like and trust not Not dogs not cartoon characters right so A lot of people when they promote on

Facebook they go wrong because they’re Actually not branding themselves they’re They have like a cartoon character right Here when they go to post on Facebook People don’t trust you right they’re Like who is this person who am i buying From do I even trust them right so once You put a good picture of yourself okay And again if you are in weight loss I Would put a picture of myself that looks Like I’m fit or that looks like I’m Outside or I’m doing something in that Topic okay I’m happy you know I’m gonna Make money online niche so you know I Took a headshot right here and you know I’m looking you know somewhat successful That’s really the main thing as far as Positioning your profile okay so we’re Adding people onto our friends list we Are positioning ourselves as an expert And someone that knows like an or Someone that people know like and trust On our profile and what’s the next step What do we actually post now obviously And in the description I’ll have links I Have you know of course social media Mastery that’s my full intensive Facebook marketing YouTube Instagram and Twitter where I walk through exactly way More detail you know the how to build Engagement and all that stuff in this Video I’m giving you an overview so you Can actually get the full picture Because once you understand the

Principles you can succeed but just as a Starting point the things you want to Keep in mind is the good some good Examples of things to post are Motivational quotes post something that Is actually relevant to the topic of Your product and that is motivational Now why do we want to do inspiration and Motivational quotes well because that’s Gonna put people into a state of Motivation when we get people feeling Motivated and then we point them to our Product you’re gonna be able to make Effortless sales okay so I shared as an Example okay a quote I said once you Make the decision to go all in Everything Become so much easier and I know people On my friends list are people interested In making money people that are Interested in investing in themselves so When I say go all-in a lot of people Realize you know they mean that they Want to you know invest in themselves in A business so when I say that I have all These people engaging now these type of Hosts that you’re going to be making the Motivational quotes the tips that you’re Gonna be sharing okay you can share Something like like I’ll do something Like money-making tip okay you know if You want to make money you need to be Consistent blah blah blah and then I’ll Give them a little tip so motivation

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Inspirational quotes tips these are all Cool things that you can share lifestyle Pictures of yourself doing something Similar to the topic of the niche okay Oftentimes I’ll share that I’m on Vacation this is relevant to my Following because oftentimes people that Want to do affiliate marketing make Money online want to travel after three Or four days of doing this you want to Then throw in what’s called an ad okay Now this is something like this you want To post something okay after we’re Building this engagement this momentum So it’s like you know day 1 day 2 day 3 Of like valuable posts getting people to Like you We’re then gonna post an ad now this is How we’re actually gonna be making money Okay so you’re gonna post something that Is curiosity inducing that gets people Interested and then when you post that What’s gonna happen is you want to tell People to comment below for more Information and when they comment below Okay I said you know in 48 hours I mean Eight hundred twenty-five dollars copy And pasting ads to easy interested Comment yes and basically you have all These people yes yes yes okay a hundred And forty-three comments and I just Messaged them information to my Affiliate product that I was promoting Okay so I hope that makes sense again my

Friend I wanted to really break this Down as far as an overview is they’re Way more in-depth that I can teach you As far as how to actually start scaling How to boost your engagement absolutely And as you stay subscribe them to share More but if you like this video my Friend if you liked learning exactly What I’ve done the last five years to Build a following adding people from Groups is a powerful way Okay posting inspiration posting tips And then posting an ad and sending the People that comment to your affiliate Product if you like this and you want me To make more click the like button below Also be sure to subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you never miss out on my Latest training videos and last but not Least my friend you may be watching this And you’re you’re may be brand new to Affiliate marketing maybe this made Sense and maybe you don’t know the best Affiliate program to promote maybe you Want to make you know 5k or more per Month but you don’t really know how to Go about it how do you create the ads to Post how do you you know create the Follow up emails when you send people to Your funnel after they comment on your Post if you want all that done for you And you want to find out my number one Recommended system to do that be sure to Click that first link in the description

Put your email in and I’ll send you that Information to your inbox and really Think you’ll like that anyway my friend Thanks so much for watching and I will Catch you in my next video [Music]

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