MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP! How To Create a Sales Funnel To Make Autopilot Commissions!

If you’re someone that’s currently promoting maybe your own product or maybe you’re doing affiliate marketing, where you found someone else’s product online and you’re promoting that. I’m gonna share with you how to easily set up a funnel so you can start to literally make sales, commissions and money even while you’re sleeping inside.

This video I’m gonna share with you First off why you need a funnel why it’s Very crucial to actually have a funnel In place when you start promoting things Online I’m also gonna break down how a Funnel actually works I’m gonna share With you a visual breakdown on a Whiteboard on exactly how this works and There’s actually two models that you can Copy when it comes to creating a funnel There’s a beginner model and a more Advanced model and I’m gonna share with You both of these so depending on what Your skill level you can go out there at The end of this video Apply it and start to see results and I’m also at the end of the video I’m Gonna share with you two resources to Quickly create a funnel in five minutes Or less okay so if you’re not very Technical stick around to the very end Of the video because I’m gonna share With you how to easily start creating Your own funnel so you can put in place What I teach you as soon as today but

Before that if you want to learn online Money making methods affiliate marketing Or how to create passive income be sure To go down below click the subscribe Button and the notification bell so You’re always notified on my latest Video last if you want to discover my Number one recommend way to make money Online click the first link in the Description to check it out without Further ado let’s begin today’s video Alright my friend welcome back now on This screen right now I have a picture Of a funnel now you probably have seen a Funnel before you know some of the Funnels you pour oil in at the top and It trickles down or Cir up okay and it Drips less that you put in towards the Top is gonna come out the bottom okay And that’s what a funnel actually is but There’s something called a sales funnel And you want to create one and have one In place online the reason is because if You don’t have a funnel what a lot of People are doing is they’re going to Sites like Clickbank they’re going to Sites like jvzoo you know maybe they’re Creating their own product and they’re Going online maybe the sites like Instagram or Facebook they’re Sending people directly to the sales Page okay if you go to Clickbank or you Promote someone else’s product they Usually give you a page that will sell

That product for you but again most People that are beginners or people that Are struggling are getting people let’s Say from Facebook and they’re sending Them directly to the link of this sales Page now why is this an issue well this Is an issue because most people are not Going to decide to buy instantly most People are not going to decide to buy on The spot Most people take up to it’s been proven In this industry when it comes to making Money online that it takes up to seven Exposure seven times for someone to see A sales message for them to decide to Buy okay so if you’re just sending People directly to a sales page one out Of let’s say a hundred okay usually There’s about a 1% conversion rate right Off the bat only about one person out of A hundred is gonna actually buy that so If you’ve been doing that up until now And you’ve been wondering why you’re not Making sales that’s the first reason you Have to understand that this funnel okay What we’re doing is we’re putting people That are potentially interested into the Top of this funnel and it’s gonna filter Through and I’m gonna share with you a Visual breakdown of every single website You need in place to have a good funnel But it’s gonna filter through okay and The people that are gonna go all the way Through the funnel towards the bottom

Are gonna be the ones that buy and then You can even have a longer funnel which You could have higher priced products Okay so people will buy the lower price A little bit less people buy the higher Price and then eventually you know your Highest price one very few people will Buy that but you don’t need a lot of People okay and if you have a good Funnel in place it will filter through All those people while you’re relaxing On the beach you know maybe while you’re Hanging out with your friends and family Before I learned how to do this I maybe You can relate I would used to hit up people on Facebook I used to prospect I used to Constantly have all these conversations I’d get on the phone I’d hit the Pavement and it was constantly over and Over starting brand new like I had to Keep doing the same work but what I’m Gonna share with you in this video is How you can literally be relaxing with Your friends and family maybe eating out You know enjoying a nice meal at a Restaurant maybe you’re just relaxing by The pole and you see a Coming in on your phone just from Setting this autopilot funnel up okay so Very powerful and let’s get into it Right now as you can see right now on This screen I have every single step Visually laid out for you if you’re a

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Visual learner or you want to see what This looks like and this is the beginner Strategy I’m gonna cover this first Because a lot of people watching this Are probably brand new and this can be The one you start with you don’t have to Do the advanced strategy to start to see Results once you have a product that You’re promoting okay let’s say you’ve Found an affiliate product you’re Promoting or an affiliate program and if You’re watching this and you don’t have One and you want to learn my number one Recommended once a promote to earn up to $1,000 per commission and earn a hundred Percent of the money click that first Link in the description and check that Out but let’s assume you already have a Product you’re promoting the next step Is we need to get traffic okay which is Just visitors to check out our funnel ok The beginning of our funnel and it the Funnel is actually gonna do all the work For us once it’s set up you can Literally just send people to the front Of it and it will follow up it will make Sales for you and literally you can wake Up and see commissions that have come in So where can you get traffic again I Cover a lot of this on my other videos On my channel but you can go to Facebook You can go to youtube Twitter Instagram You can do solo ads which is basically Where you pay someone to send an email

Out to their email list to promote your Product ok so there’s a lot of places You can get traffic now once you get Traffic what you want to do again rather Than sending them directly to the sales Page which sells the product and then You have no idea who it is You can’t follow up with those people Instead you want to send them to Something called a capture page a Capture page looks something like this And I’m sure you’ve seen it online Basically it usually has a headline okay Something catchy and then it has a box Requesting the person’s information okay It could be an email it could be a phone Number starting off I recommend you just Do their email you’re gonna get a lot More opt-ins a lot more people putting Their information in if you just have Their email address once we get on Facebook YouTube we send them to the Capture page now why do we do that well The beginning of the Funnel we’re basically gonna capture Their email and then we can follow up Through automated emails that we’ve Already set up and again follow me to The end of the video because I’m gonna Walk you through software you can use How to set all this up very easily and You really don’t want to miss out on That okay so again what happens when Someone let’s say we go to Facebook we

Make a post someone says hey I’m Interested in whatever you’re doing Send me more information we send them The link to our capture page what Happens when they put their email in Well in the beginner strategy we’re Gonna send that person directly to the Sales page now notice though we have This page before we send them to the Sales page now again if you don’t know What a sales page is basically there’s Usually a video and then a Buy button Where the person can buy and if you’re Doing affiliate marketing you’re Promoting someone else’s sales page when They buy through your link you’re gonna Earn a portion of that money now what Also happens though is once they put Their email in it also gets added to Something called your email list okay This is a list of email addresses that You’ve built of potential interested People what you can actually do a Certain software and again I’ll share With you the exact software I pursues It’s incredibly reasonable it’s like 15 Dollars a month it’s a much needed asset Though if you really want to take this To the next level and what you want to Do is you want to schedule emails now I Personally do one email a day and you Want to do it for about seven days okay At least now why do you want to set up Seven automated emails because again

Remember it takes on average seven Exposures for someone to buy so if you Have seven emails if that person is Interested and they see all seven emails There’s a very good chance they’ll Decide to buy okay so where where do we Send people in the email what’s the Purpose of the email well basically for The first seven it’s very good to keep Sending people back to this sales page And you see these arrows okay and the Reason is we’re following up or saying Hey you know I saw you check this out be Sure to check out the sales page you Know check this out make sure you know You don’t miss it blah blah blah right Stuff like that I’m gonna get in more Videos on how to write emails in the Future so be sure you subscribe if you Haven’t already but this is the beginner Gok again maybe you’ve gone through this Process yourself maybe you’ve put your Email in and that’s the beginner Strategy now what is the advanced Strategy what is the more advanced maybe You’re watching this and you want to Take things to the next level or you Want to know what top people online are Actually doing the advanced strategy It’s very similar but there’s one tweak And you can see it right here Okay the advanced strategy is you get Yes again you go to Facebook YouTube etc You get traffic you get visitors people

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You send them directly to your capture Page okay we always want to send them to The capture page sometimes it’s called An opt-in page sometimes it’s called a Squeeze page if you’ve seen these words They’re all the same thing we’re gonna Collect their email and then rather than Sending them directly to a sales page What top marketers do is we send people To something called a bridge page okay a Bridge page and usually this is a page With a video and then what we want to do Is we want to bridge the gap from them Putting their information in to them Going to the sales page okay and as you Can see after they hit the bridge page The next step is again the sales page Okay and realize also that once they put Their captain their email in the capture Page we’re still gonna have them add it To our email list okay so that still Applies You’re still gonna follow up and send in The sales page but why do we send them To a bridge page depending on where You’re getting your traffic okay so Let’s say you you’re doing paid Advertising maybe you’re running Facebook ads or maybe you’re promoting On Facebook or Twitter and people don’t Really know you they don’t really like You or trust you which is the three Qualities you need in a person for them To buy from you maybe they don’t have

All those well the bridge page is Basically taking coder traffic people That maybe are on the fence and it’s Basically explaining more information on Why you are recommending the sales page That you’re recommending or the product That you’re recommending so a very Simple bridge page video example could Be something like let’s say you’re in Health and fitness niche and you’re Sending people to a health and fitness Product well before you set them Directly to the sales page selling that Product you could do a little Video on a page and say something like Hey thanks so much for putting your Email in on that previous page in a Second I’m gonna share with you my Number one recommended health product to Lose weight but I just want to share With you a little bit of my story right You know a few years ago I was very Overweight I was very you know etc right And then you would share a little bit of Your story now the reason you’re using The bridge space to share a story is if You’re getting people cold from these Social media sites you want to build Trust you want to share story about why You actually recommend this you know on My bridge page I share my story on how I Was a waiter a few years ago right I had 47 dollars in my bank account I was Barely making ends meet and then I came

Across an opportunity and then I linked People to the sales page which is you Know introducing people to the exact way That I personally make money so again The reason for the bridge page is you’re Taking cold traffic you’re building that Trust and then when you recommend them To the sales page rather than them just Going into the sales page blindly now They’re bonded with you so now it’s Gonna be a lot easier to follow up Through emails okay recommending them More products down the line recommending Them back to that same product it’s Gonna be a lot easier because now they Know who you are now you’ve built trust You’ve built relationship with them and You can really start to create some good Results so this is the visual breakdown Of the beginner and the advanced Strategy both work if you’re just Getting started I would just stick with The beginner strategy it works Absolutely absolutely incredibly well I Use that for at least one or two years When I first started and I made good Money so you don’t have to the advance Strategy but I wanted to share that with You in case you’re a little bit more Advanced and you want to know what other Leaders are doing now what I want to do My friend is I want to share with you Some resources right how do you actually Put all this into place now that you

Know how to create a funnel what a Funnel actually is how do you start to Put that in place and apply it in about Five minutes or less all right my friend Now the very first resource I want to Share with you is something called click Funnels now chances are you may have Heard of click funnels basically it’s What the name implies you click and you Can build funnels okay I’ve built you Know dozens of funnels in my day Just using clickfunnels as you can see These are all the funnels that I’ve Actually created I’m constantly creating New ones I’m getting rid of other ones And you can see that you can create Amazing funnels okay I have 23 different Pages that I’m testing out and things Like that so don’t let this overwhelm You you know take this one step at a Time I didn’t start doing this but again If you’re watching this and you want to Create a capture page maybe you want to Create a bridge page a sales page you Can use click funnels now it’s about $97 A month it’s very reasonable again Because once you create these funnels You’re gonna make that money back very Quickly if you follow what I’m sharing With you as you continue to save stay Subscribed so these are the funnels this Is how you do it it’s very simple you Just hit add new okay you could go to Classic funnel builder you could do to

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Start the the cookbook builder process I Personally just do the classic funnel Builder you would just literally hit Create new funnel and it would walk you Through creating the capture page Creating the thank-you page you can use Templates so you don’t have to come up With it yourself absolutely powerful now If you’re watching this and you want to Get access to a free trial with click Funnels so you can test this out and Start to create a funnel and make money Before that bill I’m gonna include a Link below so you can actually get Access to this and check that out really Really powerful Now the next resource my friend is how Do we actually start collecting people’s Email addresses and follow up with them Through email well I personally use an Email autoresponder service called get Response now there’s a lot of ones out There I’ve used a lot of different ones The one I’m currently using right now is Get response it’s about 15 to 30 dollars Per month depending on how big your list Of emails actually gets but again you Can actually try this out for 30 days Free so you can use click funnels for Free use get response for free start to Do these funnels create sales and then You know pay for it out of the money That you actually made so again I’ll Include a link below to get response

This is where you’re gonna write the Automated emails it’s gonna link up and Hook up to your click funnels capture Page and that’s how you’re gonna be Starting to follow up now the last thing I want to share with you my friend is Maybe you’re watching this and You’re like this is great but I don’t Even want to create my own funnel right Now I don’t know what to create a Headline I don’t know how to make a good Design even though they have templates It is kind of can be confusing and Technical at first before you go I want To share with you a done-for-you funnel So you can literally just plug in to the Funnel you don’t have to create the Capture page you have to create the Thank-you page or the sales page you can Literally just plug into this get your Link today and start sending traffic and Visitors from Facebook YouTube etc Alright my friend and I’m actually Logged into it right now it’s called Funnel X ROI I’m gonna have a link That’s actually the first link in the Description I take you through my Personal funnel you can see exactly what I’m doing and then I recommend this Funnel now this funnel allows you to not Only get a done-for-you funnel that’s Totally simple but it also allows you to Earn up to a hundred percent commissions And up to a thousand dollars or more per

Day okay I have other videos walking you Through but all you would do is go here To links okay your links to promote and If I go into this system you can see That they have all these done for you Capture pages okay now they call them Squeeze page again it’s the same thing As a capture page or an opt-in page and Let’s say I like this one all I would do Is copy this leg now this is coded to me When you create a free account at the Link below it’s gonna be coded to you Let’s take a look at what this actually Looks like now this is gonna be Something you could literally start Promoting and as you can see it’s a Capture page okay this is a page that You could send people they put their Email address in and then they get sent To the sales page again this is totally Done for you so I hope this made sense For you my friend again I wanted to Share with you multiple different Options why you need a funnel if you Truly want to make automated money even While you’re sleeping the two different Strategies the beginner in the advanced Strategy so you can kind of pick which One you want to do and then also some Resources some work technical some more Hands-on ways to create funnels and also A done-for-you funnel so depending on What you want you can just go to the Links below and choose whatever is best

Suited for your needs okay so if you Like this video my friend you want me to Make more step-by-step videos on exactly How to start making consistent long-term Income on Be sure to hit the like button to let me Know also be sure to hit the subscribe Button in the bell icon below so you Never miss out on my latest videos and Last but not least again if you want to Access to any of these things there’s Gonna be links all in the description Check that out I really think you’re Gonna like that anyway my friend thanks So much for watching and I will see you In my next video [Music]

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