Top 7 Genuine Work-From-Home Jobs of 2020 with High Salaries and No Prior Experience

Looking for a legitimate work-from-home job can be overwhelming, especially if you have no prior experience in your desired field. However, there are a variety of high-paying work-from-home opportunities available in 2020 that may surprise you. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven genuine work-from-home jobs that offer excellent pay and require little to no prior experience. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a recent graduate, or simply looking to switch careers, these lucrative opportunities will allow you to work remotely at your own pace and on your own terms.


Working from home is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of modern technology and digitalization. The option to work remotely has many perks, including flexibility, convenience, and reduced commutes. Furthermore, there are several opportunities to work from home, which enables people to earn substantial incomes without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we will examine the top seven genuine work-from-home jobs that require no prior experience but come with high salaries.

  1. Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant works with individuals or businesses in providing administrative and secretarial tasks. These tasks may include scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and organizing files. As a virtual assistant, one can earn a significant salary, ranging from $15 to $25 per hour. Major companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups rely heavily on virtual assistants to help with their business’s day-to-day operations.

  1. Data Entry:

Data entry is a straightforward task that involves transcribing information into electronic formats. The job requires basic computer skills like typing and basic data management. Companies need individuals to input data and ensure accuracy, which is crucial for business operations. Data entry jobs can pay up to $15 an hour, and it’s a great starting point for people who want a simple work-at-home job.

  1. Online Tutoring:
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Online tutoring jobs are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the global pandemic. These jobs involve teaching or tutoring students online, mostly in foreign countries. The demand for online tutors is high, especially in subjects like English as a second language, mathematics, and science. Online tutors can earn up to $25 an hour, depending on the subject, hours, and experience.

  1. Social Media Manager:

A social media manager is a person responsible for managing social media accounts for businesses, bloggers, and individuals. This job requires creating content, engaging with followers, and strategizing social campaigns to increase exposure and engagement. This job can pay anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour, depending on the client and experience level.

  1. Content Writing:

Content writing is a lucrative work-from-home job that requires excellent writing skills. Companies and businesses are always on the lookout for writers to create compelling content for their websites, blogs, and social media channels. Content writers can make up to $25 an hour or more, depending on the project and experience.

  1. E-Commerce Business:

Starting an e-commerce business is an excellent way to earn a substantial income as a work-from-home job. The idea involves creating or sourcing products to sell online. E-commerce has opened up many opportunities for entrepreneurs, and with platforms like Amazon and Etsy, anybody can start an online store with little to no hassle. Income potential for e-commerce businesses varies widely, but there is potential for significant financial gains.

  1. Transcriptionist:

A transcriptionist is a person who listens to audio recordings and types them out in a document format. The job requires attention to detail and excellent listening skills, and it’s an ideal work-from-home job for anyone who wants flexibility. Transcriptionists can make up to $25 an hour or more, depending on their skills and experience level.



Working from home has become a viable income source for many people worldwide. With the rise of technology, there are more opportunities now than ever before, and people can earn significant salaries while enjoying the flexibility of working remotely. The jobs mentioned above are genuine work-from-home options that come with high salaries and require little to no prior experience. With the right skills, work ethic, and dedication, anyone can start their work-from-home journey.


Q. Can anyone start working from home?
A. Yes, anyone can start working from home as long as they have the necessary skills, equipment, and motivation.

Q. Does working from home pay less than working in an office?
A. No, working from home doesn’t necessarily pay less than working in an office. It depends on the job and the industry.

Q. Do I need to invest a lot of money before starting an e-commerce business?
A. No, you don’t require a lot of money to start an e-commerce business. Many platforms come with low start-up fees and low overhead costs.

Q. Are transcriptionist jobs difficult to come by?
A. No, there are many transcriptionist jobs available on various online job postings and freelance websites.

Q. Can I work from home full-time?
A. Yes, you can work from home full-time as long as you have a steady stream of work and the discipline to manage your work and personal life.

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