5 BEST Affiliate Marketing Tools To Make Easy & Consistent Money Online!

I am often asked if are there any tools I recommend or do you use any software or any tools to make it even easier. Well I’m gonna walk you through my top 5 affiliate marketing tools that I’ve personally used and most successful affiliate marketers use and would recommend.

I’m going to break down E\exactly what they are how they work and then in the description below there’s gonna be links to all of these so you Can check them out at the end so without Further ado let’s dive into it but Before that if you want to learn online Money making methods affiliate marketing Or how to create passive income be sure To go down below click the subscribe Button and the notification bell so You’re always notified on my latest Video last if you want to discover my Number one recommend way to make money Online click the first link in the Description to check it out without Further ado let’s begin today’s video Alright my friends so what is the very First tool well if I go to it it’s

Called buzz sumo ok buzzsumo dot-com now What this tool actually allows you to do Is better do content marketing so it Helps you with content marking out what Is content marketing well when you want To make money with affiliate marketing You need to actually generate visitors To your sales page ok if you’re Promoting an affiliate product online Most will give you a sales page that They’ve already created this explains The product and sells it for you well we Need to get as many people as possible To that page because the more people That check out that sales page the more People that will potentially buy and the More money that will potentially make so What is buss sumo do well content Marketing is something where you Actually create content whether it’s Articles blog posts videos ok what I’m Doing right now is actually a form of Content marketing it’s where you post Content ok valuable information solving The problems that your product Potentially solves ok so you would teach Something in the article of value to Attract your ideal customer to You but a lot of people don’t know what To make articles about how do you find Winning topics Well buzzsumo you can literally go to This site type in any topic that let’s Say you want to do a video on or you

Want to find out you know what to do a Blog about you can type this in and it Will pump out the most popular at this Time for example if I type in let’s say Weight loss okay and I hit enter you’re Gonna be able to see that we can Actually see the top articles by Filtering by the date okay now these are The top articles that have to do with Weight loss or whatever topic you type In ranked by social shares most engaged Okay so you can actually find content That is posted recently that has to do With the niche that you’re promoting Products in and you could actually find Winning content ideas go to these Articles that are already proven to work Read over them put them in your own Words or curate other people’s articles Together into one main article or one Main video and then create that now Right now it’s actually filtering by the Date of the past year okay so these Articles are all the past year and again These are the top ones so if I open this One this is gonna be an article that has To do with weight loss and again you Could read over this and you could if You were in this niche you could do a Video talking about hey you know here’s Three tips that Joaquin Phoenix used to Get ready for the Joker you know and Then boom you make a video that’s gonna Be popular because it’s already proven

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To work and you’re gonna start to get Traffic and visitors when you send them In your articles in your video to your Sales page okay so this is the very First hole very powerful can get endless Content ideas okay now if you try to Filter by let’s say the last 24 hours You’re gonna see this pop up now Buzzsumo does require you to pay if you Want to use some of the finer details as Far as looking at content the last 24 Hours and things like that now the plan The the basic plan is $79 a month okay But again if you’re making money if You’re doing content marketing and you Want to take that serious this is a tool You can actually use but you can start Doing some free searches as well to get Ideas okay so you Actually have to pay and you can do the Lowest plan if you decide to do that now The second tool my friend is something Called bitly okay this is bitly calm now What you have to realize is while you’re Doing YouTube videos let’s say or maybe You’re creating blog posts to attract Your ideal customers your potential Leads to you what you want to realize is A lot of times when you go get an Affiliate link to promote it’s this long Nasty unattractive link okay so if you Put that in your youtube description or You link that directly in your blog it’s Gonna be very unattractive and it’s not

Gonna look professional What bitly does it’s a free link Shortener so and allows you to put a Long link into it and it shortens it to Make it much more attractive and if I Log in it’s a bit Lee you’ll see how it Works okay and if I just go up to create You would just paste a long URL okay so For example let’s say I paste it you Know google.com slash how to make money Online okay I’m just making that website Up does I probably doesn’t exist but Let’s say that’s an example you would Paste that affiliate link in there and Then you just hit create okay which is There’s a button at the bottom boom and You hit create instantly it’s gonna Create this shortened link and then you Just copy that and go to it now if you Go to it it’s gonna go directly to that YouTube how to make money which again is Not a page but that’s how that works and Then you can take that shortened link Put it in your youtube description put It on your blog it’s gonna look way more Powerful now what is the third affiliate Marketing tool well this is something Called a click tracker okay what you Want to realize is when you start Promoting things online when you start Making content when you start creating Videos you’re gonna do a lot of Different things and you want to know What’s actually working the best so you

Can put more effort into that and really Start to scale your money and your Earning ability more and more now how do We find out what works what we need to Track where the visitors are actually Coming from and what you can actually do Is use a site like click magic.com This is one of the tracking software’s I’ve used and this allows you to Actually put in a long URL okay so you Could actually use This and you can even shorten the click Magic link with bitly okay to make it More attractive but essentially you Would take your affiliate link that you Get from let’s say clickbank.com or Wherever you’re getting your affiliate Products to promote you can take that Link put it in the click magic and then What its gonna ask you to do is enter in Different IDs different ways to keep Track of who that visitor is so for Example you could put in YouTube okay so Then what would happen is let’s say you Want to promote that link on YouTube you Would have the long link and at the very End it would say equals YouTube okay Let’s say you were running a promotional Thing on Instagram and you want to track How many people are actually coming from Let’s say my Instagram story versus YouTube well then you can put it in the Click magic and at the end of the link You could add instagram traffic so it’s

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Gonna be this long affiliate link equals Instagram traffic and then when you use That link on your Instagram story if Anyone clicks that you’re gonna be able To tell okay on my Instagram story I got 20 visitors on YouTube I got a hundred Visitors okay maybe it’s more important To just focus on YouTube okay or Whatever the case may be so tracking Where your clicks are coming from is Very very important and most struggling Affiliate marketers are not actually Doing that so I’m gonna include a link Again to check out click magic this is a Recommended click tracking software There’s lots of them out there but I’ve Used this one myself so definitely an Important tool now what’s the next one Okay the next tool is basically a funnel Creation software okay now I personally Recommend click funnels click funnels I’ve been using for the last year so It’s absolutely incredible but there’s Other ones like leadpages.net okay There’s a few other ones out there the Reason you want to have a funnel Creation software is because most people When they go to promote something online In affiliate marketing the mistake they Make is they take the visitor okay let’s Say they’re on Facebook and they’ll send People from Facebook directly to the Sales page with their affiliate product They’re promoting the problem is most

People don’t decide to buy in silly most People don’t decide to take in Action so you have to follow up with Those people now the top affiliate Marketers what we actually do is we Build something called an email list This is a list of people that have Actually visited our funnel and they’ve Put their email into what’s called a Capture page now this is just a page That you that captures your prospects Email and then you can follow up through Emails Okay following up offering different Products you know promoting different Things and stuff like that so you Definitely want to be creating a funnel And I personally recommend click funnels Now click funnels is just $97 a month But again it’s a much needed thing Leadpages is a little bit cheaper but You can’t do as much ok with click Funnels you can create membership sites You can create webinar pages okay if you Want to start doing webinars click Funnels is really an all-in-one Done-for-you solution as far as creating Funnels and again you can see this is my Actual account I’ve created tons of These if I open up this this has seven Pages alone okay so I use this all the Time and it’s very very powerful so I Had to share click funnels again much Need a tool on clewd a link where you

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Can actually try it out totally free for 14 days and you can start creating Funnels start playing with it see if This is for you But again if you’re gonna want to do Affiliate marketing consistently in long Term you’re gonna want to start building An email list and this is the best way To do it now last but not least my last Affiliate marketing tool that you must Have in my personal opinion is an Autoresponder okay we just talked about Click funnels that’s how you’re gonna be Collecting your prospects email Addresses but how do we actually collect And hold their email addresses and then Follow up with them through emails well We need something called an email Autoresponder service now the one I Personally use right now is called get Response again I’m gonna include a link In the description you can get 30 days Free okay that you can try it out start Doing it now what does get response to Again it allows you to send one email Let’s say you build a list and I’ll log In right now it’s my actual account I am Actually using get response now let’s Say you build an email list okay well Let’s say you have a thousand people on Your email list What get response allows you to do is Send out one email let’s say you’re Promoting a product you could send

Out to a thousand people on your email List and they’ll instantly get that Email now out of all those people you Know some people are gonna potentially Buy and that’s how you’re gonna be Making money okay so you want to be able To rather than manually go to Gmail and Put every single person’s email address One at a time and it takes forever and This is a way that you can actually Automate it get people um collected into This email list and then send one email To everyone at one time and that’s what I’ve personally been used in the last Five years is an email autoresponder Service now you can see that I sent this Newsletter okay that’s what it’s called The email to 21,000 people okay and I Had a 10 percent open rate 2126 people Open that email okay imagine what could Happen if you had even a hundred people Open an email promoting a product or Sending people to you know your Affiliate product that you’re promoting Right so absolutely incredible my Friends so I hope you enjoyed this video I wanted to break down when I personally Believe if you’re just starting Affiliate marketing or maybe you’re Struggling my five recommended affiliate Marketing tools to really get results as Soon as possible I’ve use these tons of Successful affiliate marketers will Recommend the same things and I highly

Recommend that if you like this video Want me to make more videos like this be Sure to click the like button to let me Know also be sure to hit the subscribe Button the bell icon so you never miss Out on my latest videos and last but not Least if you’re watching this and any of These tools you’re gonna find out more Information about or you want to start Using there’s gonna be links in the Description to free trials and different Ways you can start to use these and test Them out okay so thanks so much for Watching my friend and I will see you in My next video [Music]

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