How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Website for Free and Make $100 a Day

In this video I give a full tutorial on how to build an affiliate marketing website from scratch

*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic and your time put in. These videos are based on my own experience and research, please also do your own research and take everything as an opinion. I’m also not a financial advisor.

So over the next few hours you’re going To see me build a free affiliate Marketing website that will potentially Make me thousands of dollars per month For a new product I’m going to be Promoting and a whole new Niche so in This video you’re going to see the exact Product I’m actually going to be Promoting how to build a website like This for your own Niche from complete Scratch and my exact plan to get traffic To this website so I can start making Sales now if you don’t know who I am Already my name is ciao Bartlett I’m the Top affiliate worldwide for a massive Software company and I make these videos Because I’ve already became a Millionaire through affiliate marketing And I want to help others achieve the Same Freedom that I have so if you’re New to the channel be sure to subscribe So you don’t miss out on any of my Future videos okay so this is the Product I’m going to be promoting as you Can see uh they pay 25 recurring Commission on every purchase so if you Don’t know what this is um this is a Company called TOP Step and I’m doing This inside the stock trading Niche That’s one of the niches I’m in what This company does is they’ll basically Take you through an evaluation and if You can pass their test they’ll actually Fund your trading account so you can

Trade with their money you don’t have to Risk any of your own and the way it Works is they keep 10 of the profits you Make from Trading and you keep the 90 so It’s kind of a win-win for everyone Um so anyways this is the product I’m Gonna be promoting as you can see they Paid out you know nearly three million Dollars in Commissions in 2022 so you Know there’s no reason I can’t get a Piece of that pie I can’t get at least a Hundred thousand of that per year two Hundred thousand dollars of that per Year whatever it is so like I said we’re Gonna build a website for this I’m going To show you how I’m going to be Promoting it how am I get traffic to it So hopefully you can take some of what I’m doing and apply it to your own Niche Your own product so hopefully you can Start making some more sales so my main Promotion plan for this product is going To be building a free trading course Right so this is a lead Magnet or a Bonus that I like to use and you know You can use in a lot of different niches AC if you’re promoting some kind of Software or company company and you can Build a training that goes along with it It acts as a really good bonus or lead Magnet for whatever product you’re Promoting so for example if I’m Promoting this TOP Step company and they Fund Traders account and you know the

Way for me to make money from this Company I’ll make like forty dollars per Month in recurring commissions because It’s around 160 dollars per month right The way for me to make it so they keep On paying the software that 160 per Month so I keep on earning that Recurring commission is they’re actually A proper Trader right they take Profitable trades they’re going to keep Using TOP Step so for me I want to give Them something for free that goes along With this product that I’m recommending To them if they’re more on a budget and They want to start trading so if free Course kind of goes perfect with that Now there’s two kind of ways you can use A free course for promoting you know Really any product out there so the First option here as you can see is you Know I just put this as a random example But you can give away a free checklist Let’s say a free ebook free video Whatever you want and you can use that To collect emails right you can use that As your opt-in page to build your email List then you can take them through a Thank you page and on this thank you Page you can have a video recommending The product so I’d have a video Recommending TOP Step and then you can Say on this thank you page Hey listen if You sign up to TOP Step if you sign up To this product I’ll give you a free

Course as a bonus since it goes along With that product right and then once They purchase it that’s where they can Access your free course as a bonus and Then inside this free course you can Start to have back-end products other Products that you’re kind of upselling That go along with the course as well Right and throughout your whole email Sequence you can mention how if they Purchase they’ll get a free course right So you can have a whole email sequence Around that so that’s the first option Is basically just using that free course That you’re building out or whatever it Is that goes along with your product as A bonus if they sign up okay so that’s The first option I’ve used that a lot For promoting a software like builderall That strategy alone made me hundreds of Thousands of dollars in commissions and I did that for a few years right now the Second option you can use which I’m kind Of leaning more towards for this Specific product I don’t think there’s a Right or wrong option but this is kind Of just the one I’m leaning towards is Instead of having you know a free Checklist and then offering the course As a bonus what I think I’m going to do Option number two is just offering your Free course as the lead magnet right so Your call to action and all your videos To get traffic is hey go download a free

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Copy of my course right my trading Course for this specific Niche and then Once they opt in we collect their email They get taken straight to the members Area and then inside that course this is Where you know we make a call to action To purchase that product that we’re Promoting and same thing here through The email sequence you know you taking To the members area and then you also Promote that main product you’re Promoting along with back-end products That you want to sell as well so again Both option one and option two are Viable options however you want to do This it doesn’t really matter again I’m Leaning more towards option two uh just Because I want to have a super valuable Lead magnet and really focus on building My email list for this net so I actually Already created this free course so as You can see this is what it looks like Um I have all the lessons in here and Then they can navigate through the Course through this header menu so this Is kind of the website it built out and Now like I said I can choose what I want To do with this website how I want to Make money from it via option one or Option two that I just showed you now if You want a free template of this free Course I built out if you want to do This for your own Niche I use a software Called builderall to build all my

Websites so what I can actually do is I Can actually import this template into Your Builder account where you can just Download it so if you are interested in Getting this template where you can Actually build out this free course Yourself off and kind of plug and play Your own Niche into it your own videos Into it I’m Gonna Leave a link in the Description below where you can get a Free 14-day trial of build rail once you Sign up you’ll get an email from me and You’ll get taken to a page like this so We have all kinds often page templates And we also just added this free course Template and you can literally just Download that straight into your account Then inside I give a tutorial on how to Actually you know edit the site and all That good stuff so I don’t have to do it In this video okay so going back here Once you get this free course done right Whether you’re doing it as a bonus or You’re you know pretty much just doing It as a lead magnet like we have an Option two now what we want to do is Actually build the opt-in and Bridge Page for this free course okay so we’re Gonna build out option two and you can Apply the same exact concept I’m doing With option two if you’re using option One and you want to have like a separate Lead magnet and use the free course as a Bonus right so anyways what I’m going to

Do is I’m going to go into builderall Now so again this is where I build all My websites there is a free trial below If you want to follow along with me but Anyways I’m just going to press create New site and I’m just going to choose a Professional template and I’m just going To click a blank template and start from Scratch okay now as you can see we have One page on here so I’m just going to Press edit page all right and now I’m Actually going to build this website out So first off I just like to delete Everything and start from complete Scratch so first thing I’m going to do Is I’m going to go to elements right Here I’m going to go down to images and I’m just going to add in a nice little Logo here so I’m just going to drag this Image in I’m going to right click on This and this is allow gonna allow me to Actually edit it I’m going to go to General settings I’m going to press Change image now I’m just going to add In this logo right here this is kind of My brand for this niche market minutes From there now I can actually drag this Panel down so we’re just making our Website uh bigger and now I’m going to Go to add I’m going to press elements And then we’re going to go to 10 hex Okay and I’m just going to drag in this Text and this is where we can actually Make our headlines so I’m just going to

Double click on this and then I’m going To type in a headline like a master the Art of day trading all right and then I’m just gonna kind of clean this up so I’m going to change the font to this one We’re going to make this size like 44 Probably maybe 46 would be good Um actually we can make it 48 and then What I’m going to do from here is just Space this out so everything is drag and Drop on this website builder we’re going To Center that out we can move it up Right and now we can actually just Duplicate this and I’m going to make a Sub headline okay so now I’m going to click on this and I’m gonna Say something like take your trading to The next level by enrolling In A to Z Trading course okay so this is going to Be our sub headline I’m going to make This smaller obviously so we’re going to Make this all the way down to like uh Probably a 28 font actually let’s do a 22. uh we’re gonna turn our heading into A heading five just make it smaller Um we don’t want to bold this and Actually I’m going to make it even Smaller I’m gonna do size 20 font and We’re going to Center this out kind of See how this looks okay looks good we Got a headline we got a sub headline and Really all I need to do from here is

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Actually add in an email form so they Can put in their name and email and Actually you know get the course Um so I can start building my email list I find that the the more simple the Opt-in page the better it converts the Better the opt-in rate is so a lot of People like to put pictures and videos And you know all kinds of texts but I Found uh less is more when it comes to Option pages so that’s what we’re going To practice in this video so I’m going To go to elements and now I can go down And I’m going to find email marketing Form Okay so we’re just gonna add in a form Like this drag this in as you can see This automatically connects to build Rawls email marketing tool called Milling boss that’s built into Builderall Um so we can just you know click to form We can create a new list here but I’m Just going to press save on this form Okay as you can see now we’re collecting Their name and email and I’m just going To drag this out bigger and kind of just Make it even with the text up here we’ll Make we’ll uh put this down a little bit And I want to change up the color kind Of match it with my brand right so I’m Just going to go to General colors and I’m going to change this to more of a Green

Okay so we’ll do something like this and Then I’m just going to copy this code For this green text and then we’re going To make the hover background color white And the color text hover green and then Um I’ll kind of show you what that looks Like then the Border I’m also going to Make this green as well okay so I’m just Going to copy that same code and then All we have to do from here is change The headline I’m just going to say get Instant access Okay and then I can change this font to You know the same font I was using from Before I’m going to bold this Um and then we can make this bigger and Boom that’s pretty much all we have to Do now we can just press home and save And exit Okay and now we can actually Duplicate this site so I’m going to Press duplicate and now if I go back to This funnel page right we’re going to Actually build the thank you page out This is where that can actually access The members area okay so let me go back Here all right so this is the page we Just duplicated now I’m going to press Edit page here all right so I can Actually delete this form so I’m just Going to click on this press delete we Don’t need this anymore since we already Collected their email and then from here I’m just going to say your free course Is being

Sent To your email now alright so basically What we want to do on this page is we Just want to let them know that the free Course is being sent through the email So go check it in just a little bit and Then what I like to say on the sub Headline is while you’re waiting Watch the short video Below to learn how to start Trading With no money I’ll say something like That and then that will be our sub Headline and then all we have to do from Here is go back to here and add in our Video where we can actually talk about The product that we’re going to be Promoting okay so I’m just going to add In a vimeo video and we’re gonna you Know kind of make this bigger here And Center this out okay and then from Here we can actually add any button okay So I’m just going to press add we’re Going to go to elements and we’re going To go down to where we see button and We’re just going to add in a button Where we can actually put our affiliate Link for the product we’re promoting so If I go back to this fun analytics page Right we can see this is basically what We’re doing Um this strategy but with the free Course okay so that’s kind of all we’re Changing here and on this thank you page

I’m saying hey go check your email to Get the free course while you’re waiting You know watch this video if you’re Interested in this product and then from There that members area can upsell them Other products like I said before Um so anyways let me go back here okay Now I can kind of just tweak this button A little bit so I’m just going to make This bigger uh we’re gonna Center this Out and then if I right click this Button I can change the headline and I Could say Um sign up for TOP Step here so that’s The product I’m promoting and then we Can make this a little bit bigger now I’m gonna go back and I’m going to Change the color to more of that green That we’re using before so okay and then You can kind of tweak the button however You want and then you’re going to set The link and this is where you can Actually paste in your affiliate link For that product you’re promoting so I’m Just going to paste that in press open In the same tab press select and then we Can press save and exit all we have to Do from here is actually put that video Inside that bridge page so if we Actually just republish this page we can Actually see what this live version Looks like I’m going to press go to the Website page uh this is our opt-in page As we can see we just have to they’re

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Going to put in their name and email if They want free access to this course and Then once they actually put in their Name and email they’re going to get Taken straight over uh we’re gonna set It up so they can get taken straight Over to this bridge page where we have a Video you know talking about that Product we’re promoting with our Affiliate link okay so if we go back to Here as you can see we pretty much built Everything out Um you know from here you kind of just Want to set up your email marketing set Up your email list you do join Builderall like I said you’ll get free Access to our affiliate club inside of There we have tutorials on how to set up Your email marketing and do all that Good stuff so once you do access this Members area just click on the done for You funnels and you’ll see a tutorial Video there anyways now the only step Left of this is to send as much freaking Traffic as we can to get access to this Free course to get access to your free Tracklist and use that course as a bonus Whatever strategy you’re using right so For me personally for this Niche I’m Mainly focused on two traffic sources Right so uh basically I’m going all in On two traffic sources and what that is Is the first one is going to be a YouTube channel well so basically in all

My videos I’m gonna have a call to Action to get free access to my free day Trading course sending them over to this Page right that’s how I’m going to build My email list and also the other traffic Source I’m going to be using is Um let’s actually find it here is going To be an Instagram account since my Niche is pretty big on Instagram as well I’m going to be having a focus on Instagram for this Niche so basically All this traffic is just going to get Sent to this free course you know taking Them over to the thank you page and Recommending the product and then they Get access to our members area where we Can sell back-end products and all that Good stuff you can kind of see what my YouTube channel looks like for this Niche as you can see I started this Channel around four or five months ago It’s already doing pretty well Um it’s monetized and my videos are Getting a couple thousand views so now All those videos I just have to have a Like call to action telling them to get Free access to my trading course and my Content strategy for this YouTube Channel is this me documenting my trades And getting people who are interested in Trading watching my videos getting Interested in the free course I have and Eventually buying the products I’m Recommending and same thing with the

Instagram account putting out videos Attracting people who are interested in Trading interested in you know making Money that kind of stuff and sending Them over to that free trading course Where they can actually learn how to Trade and become a profitable Trader Which is one of the ways I make money Personally so anyways guys I hope you Enjoyed this video hopefully this can Give you some ideas for your own Niche About creating some kind of free course Either as a bonus for the main product You’re promoting or as your main lead Magnet like you saw me do in this video Like I said if you want free access to These templates that we built out today Again just sign up for a free 14-day Trial a builderall this is where I have Everything built out and you’ll get free Access to our affiliate Club where we Have all kinds of different funnel Templates you can use and download Straight into your Builder account again That’ll be the second link in the Description below and also if if you Want a free guide on the exact way I do Affiliate marketing it goes over all Kinds of different Niche ideas you can Actually do affiliate marketing in and More ways to get traffic be sure to Download a free copy of my affiliate Marketing guide I’ll show you exactly How I make over a thousand dollars per

Day with affiliate marketing in multiple Different niches so anyways if you do Want a free copy this guide that’ll be The first link in the description below Or just head over to this link right Here without being said guys as always I Hope you have a great rest your day let Me know if you have any questions in the Comments below and as always I will see You in my next video

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