EXACTLY How Affiliate Marketing Works (IN SIMPLE TERMS)

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Chances are you’re watching this video because you’re researching how affiliate marketing works. Maybe you’ve been hearing about this way to make money and you’re not sure exactly how it actually works.

Learn to apply it and start to see results in as soon one week. I’m gonna share with you over my last four years of experience doing affiliate marketing full time how exactly it works. At the end I’m gonna recommend my number one affiliate marketing program because that’s really a big key.

So first off I’m friend my name is Gary Perry and on this channel I teach people simple and easy ways to make money online affiliate market and being the main way now how exactly doesn’t work. Well basically all when it comes to making money online you can either create your own product or you can find a product that’s already proven to sell and get paid to refer people to that product.

For example if you go to a movie, I’m sure you go to the movies, you know maybe you you know depending on who you are maybe you like the Marvel movies. Maybe you like you know romantic movies or suspense movies but chances are maybe you’ve gone to the movie theater, you’ve seen a great movie and then you’ve recommended your friend to go see that movie.

you say,’Look I just saw this movie. It’s absolutely incredible, you have to go see It”. When that person goes and sees the movie you’ve just recommended them to the product. The only difference between you doing that and you doing affiliate marketing successfully is that with affiliate marketing you’re actually get paid when you refer people to the product.

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Okay so there’s lots of different affiliate marketing products out there and tons of different interests and niches that you can get into. Golf, for example, you can find products online that have to do with golf and you can actually recommend maybe your friends or people online to that product.

When they buy that product through your own link, every affiliate product online will give you, your own coded link so they know you recommended that person so you’re getting credit. Whenever they do that you would make a portion of that money.

That’s really exactly how it works, I mean I don’t wanna make this video too long That’s really how simple this actually Is now maybe you’ve tried it in the past or maybe you don’t know how to make sales or how do you actually refer people? Where do you find the people well?

I’m gonna be sharing with you how you can actually start referring people you know up to two to five people or more a day to the product that you’re promoting. And start to make money that way Now what you have to understand is that The simplest way to really do it is Using social media Okay sites like Facebook it’s like like Instagram when you find a product online That you resonate with that you like and You want to recommend people to that Going to Facebook going to Instagram Going to you know Craigslist Sites online and then going to those People and posting maybe make a post you Know hey I have this product it does This this and this if you’re interested I’ll shoot you more information you know Doing stuff like that that’s going to Get people interested rather than trying To go you know we’re in the old days or Even up until recently people were still Kind of going door-to-door trying to Knock and try to find people interested Door-to-door randomly or putting Flyers On a car in a parking lot you know this Takes a lot of time but if you wanna Start making money more on autopilot or Start making money quicker you can Actually just basically go online find a

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Group of people on Facebook let’s say That are interested in the product that You’re promoting and then post about That get them interested and then refer Them to the product and again I’m gonna Shoot a lot more videos on exactly how This works but that’s it in a nutshell Now before I get going I want to share With you though because the issue with Affiliate marketing is a lot of these Products that you promote they pay you a Very small percentage of the entire Money so if you’re selling a hundred Dollar product online and it costs a Hundred dollars to put someone to buy it Oftentimes they’re only gonna give you About thirty dollars out of that money Okay so they’re gonna take a lot of the Money and they’re gonna give you very Little but after a lot of research a lot Of trial and error my friend I found a Direct selling opportunity an affiliate Marketing opportunity that anyone can Join start promoting it make a hundred Percent of the money when they refer People so you’re not gonna have to give Away any of the money When you refer people to it you can Actually keep all the money and I’m not Sure if you guys picture yourself you Know checking your PayPal account or Checking your bank account and seeing The money rapidly increase just simply Working about an hour so referring

People and making a hundred percent of The money okay you literally keep all The money if you would have learned how To keep all the money then I want to invite you to do is actually Go to the link in the description it’s Gonna be the first link my number one Recommended way to make money online That’s the program I’m using I think You’re gonna like that anyway my friend Thanks so much for watching if you like To be sure to click the like button be Sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out On any of my latest videos and again if You now know how affiliate marketing Works and you want to learn my number One program to be able to do it and do It successfully go to the link below and Check that out anyway my friend thanks So much for watching and I’ll talk to You very soon

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