How To Do Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT A Website Or Blog (EASY FORMULA)

In today’s video what I’m gonna share with you is how to promote affiliate products online without a blog or a website. Maybe you’re someone that’s brand new or you’ve been struggling. Maybe you’re not very technical and you don’t have a lot of time in the day and you don’t want to go through the work of creating a website or building out a blogs with articles.

In today’s video I’m gonna reveal exactly how to start making money with affiliate marketing without having to have a website. I’ll break down the two simple steps that you need to do in order to do this and I’m gonna reveal them in extreme detail.

Now the two Simple steps that I’m gonna break down In detail is number one how to find a Product to promote you know that’s the First step to really do affiliate Marketing without a website or a blog You need to actually find a product to Start recommending people to to start to Earn commissions I’m also gonna share With you how to get people to your Affiliate link and make money without a Website again I’m gonna share with you Once we find the product how to get Targeted people checking out your sales page checking out your affiliate link.

And then buying so you can make money as Soon as this week now be sure to stay in Till the very end of the video because You’re gonna discover where to find These powerful sites with products and I’m also gonna share with you three Incredibly easy ways to get traffic Which is visitors to your sales page for Free starting today okay so you do not Want to miss out on that but before that If you want to learn online money making Methods affiliate marketing or how to Create passive income be sure to go down Below click the subscribe button and the Notification bell so you’re always Notified on my latest video last if you Want to discover my number one Recommended way to make money online Click the first link in the description To check it out without further ado Let’s begin today’s video alright my Friend welcome back now I’m on the first Place that we can find affiliate Products to promote and I’m gonna Actually share with you four different Places as you continue to follow now I Do have another video and other videos On my channel where I walk through more About the different affiliate networks You can actually choose and the ones I Recommend so I’m not gonna go into such Detail I’m gonna give you an overview And a big picture because again that’s

All covered on my channel but I’m gonna Share with you just an overview how to Find products and then three different Methods again as you follow me To start getting traffic for free I Think you’re really gonna like that so Once you’re on Clickbank you just want To create a free account and again all Of these are gonna be free to actually Create an account with you can do that If you don’t know how to create an Account you know simple google search And you can see how to do that in about Five minutes with each of these but once You’re inside you’d go to the Marketplace now the marketplace is where You’re gonna find all these different Products to actually promote and if you Have never been to Clickbank on the left Side they have all these different Categories now these are different Categories you can choose products and Actually promote and start to make money With affiliate marketing now a lot of People ask me that watch my channel and You know some of my students like Garrett you know what category do you Recommend me choose you know in all of These different places to find products Which types of products should I choose Well it comes down to a few different Factors number one I recommend people Choose evergreen niches evergreen topics These are topics that will never go away

These are health wealth and Relationships okay so you know down here You can see that you know wealth is Gonna be business and investing Ebusiness and marketing health is gonna Be health and fitness and then Relationships is gonna be in self-help You can go to dating guides okay all the Other ones are gonna come and go you Know sometimes things aren’t gonna be as Popular so I would go into again one of Those categories and once you do let’s Say health and fitness and let’s say you Go to diets and weight loss you would Just open that up and you get taken to a List of different products on Clickbank That you can actually start to choose And to promote now what I recommend you Do is you sort results by popularity or I’m sorry you resort Sort results by gravity it’s gonna be on Popularity by default sort by gravity That’s gonna list the top selling Products towards the top now the reason You want to find the top selling Products to promote is because chances Are if it’s already selling well and you Get people to check out that sales page Which is just a page that sells the Affiliate product that you’ll get access To when you choose a product and get Your link It will be very good chance that it will Sell most people if its high selling

Right so you want to do that now again If you’re on Clickbank and really any of These sites I’m gonna share with you What you will do to get your link is Just click right here okay it’s gonna be Slightly different each site but if the Process is the same generate hop links And then boom now you have a link Okay now this link is gonna go to the Sales page of this product and I Recommend you kind of check out the Sales page make sure it’s good make sure That you actually resonate with what It’s saying before you actually promote It okay so this looks pretty good to me And it’s already high selling you make Thirty-eight dollars per sale Okay Clickbank pays out between 30% to 70% Commission’s meaning if you Recommend someone to a product you’re Gonna make about 30 to 70% of that money Which is pretty good and this is gonna Pay you about $38 so again what you Would do is you would just take this Link and yours would be coded to you Basically it’s a cookie that fires on Someone’s computer or browser whenever They check out this link and that’s how Clickbank will know if they bought Through your link or someone else so you Would just copy that link and that’s What link you would start promoting with The three message methods I’m gonna Share with you as you follow along to

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The end of the video so Clickbank is the First place very good and very powerful Now the second site that I tend to Recommend people that I’ve personally Used to find products is now what you want to understand is This is mostly gonna be internet Marketing and make money online type of Products okay so if you’re watching this Video maybe you’re interested in weight Loss maybe you’re interested in mixed Martial arts or you know yoga then this Site would not be my number one Recommendation for you you’re not gonna Really find a lot of products like that Okay but I do want to share with you This site because I’ve used it for a lot Of products easy for me to say right so Once you’re on here once you’ve logged In once you’ve created a free account Again it’s very simple you would go to Affiliates find products and it’s gonna List out all these different products That again you can start to promote now Jvzoo is slightly different on how you Choose the products you’re gonna want to Look at how many are sold Okay this How many of the products actually super Sold what’s the conversion rate okay That means like how many people went to The sales page and bought the higher the Conversion rate usually the better that Means it’s a good selling product and

Then you also want to you know look at The average price okay you don’t wanna Promote something that’s just like a Couple dollars because it’s not gonna be Worth your time you want to promote Something at least twenty five dollars And up for these methods and then you Want to look at the refund rate okay and You want to make sure that it’s under 8% Okay because that’s that’s a good gauge If it’s like 13% here I wouldn’t promote This okay because it’s kind of telling You most people are buying and then Refunding and if they refund it’s if It’s in the period you won’t actually Make the money okay so you want to make Sure that you promote something that is Selling well that’s a good product and It has a low refund rate and for jvzoo What you would do is you would actually Request approval click there and then Once you get taken to this page you Would basically hit I’ve read you say I’m not a robot and then you just hit Request approval okay and once you do That basically it’s gonna send a request To that creator that product creator and They’re gonna choose whether or not They’re gonna approve you just starting Off you may not get approved on every Single product you do so I recommend on Jvzoo you apply the different products And you will get approved as some of Them and then those are the ones that I

Would start to promote and then once you Get approved you’ll see where you can Copy your affiliate link right there Okay so jvzoo again very powerful site To find products again mostly in the Internet marketing and make money online Niche or niche but keep this in mind I’ve used it and a lot of my students Have as well now the last site I’m gonna Recommend you find products in the first Step of this two-step powerful method to Find products and then get people to Those products to buy without a website Or blog is now a lot of People don’t realize Basically you can find any product that You’ve bought maybe on Amazon or you you Know have bought maybe like a physical Product maybe a TV maybe speakers you Know whatever the case may be Chances are you can find that on Amazon Okay and again even better if you’ve Already bought it off the Amazon a lot Of people don’t realize every single Product on Amazon Has the ability to get an affiliate link To promote okay so again I would Personally if you want to do the Amazon Way I would personally think about you Know what products do I have around my House have you bought a product from Amazon recently you know I personally Bought this sound bar okay so I have This remote right here and I can hit a

Button and music will start playing I Have a speaker right a sound bar now I Just bought that from Amazon Like a week ago I could I could use the Method I’m gonna share a bit a little Bit later to literally promote that Product because I personally think it’s A really good product and it’s really Good and I could promote that okay so I Typed in camera and you can just see That you know this camera you could Promote okay $49 149 dollars so you kind Of want to it’s good with the Amazon to Pick something that you’ve already Either bought or you have experience With because what we’re gonna be doing Is in one of the methods we’re gonna do A review on this product which is just Giving our opinion and if you’ve never Bought the product or you haven’t used It you know it’s gonna be very difficult To do a review on something you’ve never Used okay so this is gonna be easy that You can just find a product to start Doing now once you find one on Amazon You want to open it up and for Amazon Basically it’s called the Amazon Associates Program again you can google That I have a video on more detail on Amazon what you would do is basically Join that Associates Program and then at The top of Amazon whenever you open up a Product it would have a bar where you Can copy in your affiliate link ok so it

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Will give you your affiliate link at the Top of Amazon once you’re an associate Ok or an affiliate of Amazon I hope that Makes sense and again I have another Videos where I go more detail but again Once you what you would do is just get Your link and you could start promoting This exact camera so very very powerful Now before I move on to the three free Methods that you don’t need a website or Blog to start getting tons of affiliate Sales with I want to share with you one More place to find a product and a lot Of times like with with Amazon you know You make about 3% it’s up to like 10% Commission so it doesn’t pay you that Much so off 149 dollar product you may Only make you know ten dollars you may Only make you know Teen dollars or so so you’re not going To be making a lot of money if you want My number one recommended place to find Affiliate products to promote the the Exact way that I’m promoting right now To earn up to a hundred percent of the Money when I make a sale then I Recommend you click the first link in The description put your email in and I’ll send you an overview on exactly my Number one recommended place to find Products but again I want to share with You the top three that are most Well-known right now so you can kind of Get an idea and choose one now what is

The first method my friend because first Step is to find a product what is the Second step those three methods to Really start generating free visitors to Our affiliate links to make sales as Soon as this week without a website or Blog well the very first method is Probably not a surprise to most people And that is YouTube okay I personally Use YouTube all the time I love it and The reason I love it is because with Certain keywords you can literally Attract people that are searching for Answers or searching for information About the affiliate product you’re Promoting and one of the best ways is to Do a review video what you have to Realize this and I have on the screen Right here a review which I’ll talk a Little bit more about in a second that I’ve actually done but what you have to Realize is people are 24/7 going to YouTube they’re typing in products and Then review okay so you know maybe like Let’s say there’s a new camera you know Let’s say it’s a samsung camera and you Know people it just releases well people Are going to youtube all the time type Again samsung review you know samsung 10 Review you know whatever the camera name Plus review well what happens is a list Of videos come up that that have been Done by people giving reviews on that Camera and what you can do is simply if

You have a camera that’s why for amazon I recommend you use a product you Already have you can literally with a Smartphone or a webcam hold up the Product that you have from your house And say hey guys you know i want to do a Review of this product you know i bought This a week ago and then you share your Honest opinion whether you like it or You don’t and if you do like it you Would leave your affiliate link let’s Say to amazon in the description of the Video okay underneath so i have a link In the Description and you would put that link There and then at the end of your video You’d say hey you know I hope you Enjoyed this review I honestly Personally recommend this camera if you Want access to it be sure to go to the Link below and you want to tell people To go to the link below so they buy Through your link and not go and Research it on someone else’s site right So that’s the first method to get free Traffic anyone could do a video you can Throw it up and you never know what Video is gonna go viral I mean this Video alone um got 20 I did this you Know February 19th 2017 so the timer Recording over two years ago and you Know I this method still works today Right I’ve done this so many times and This had to twenty nine thousand four

Hundred ninety eight views four hundred And seventy likes and believe you me I Made thousands of dollars of people that Went to this link and bought okay so the Method absolutely works and I had to Share that one with you now what’s the Second free method the second free Method is using Instagram right a lot of People they have an Instagram profile But what they don’t realize is you can Actually start to promote products from Your profile now I’ve done this a lot And you can see right here in my Description in my bio I have a link and A lot of people they do not have any Links in their Instagram profile and They’re wondering why they’re not making Money well let’s say you’re posting on Instagram daily well if you just put a Link let’s say an affiliate link you go To Amazon you go to clickbank you put That affiliate link in the bio okay Chances are some people are gonna come To your profile and click on it and you Could potentially make sales now there’s A little bit more to this and I go into More detail and some of my other videos On how to use Instagram specifically but Some of the main concepts are you want To again have something in your bio you Also want to tell people to click on That link a lot of people just put a Link in their bio but they’re not Telling people a reason to actually

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Click on the link as you can see right Here you know I I am promoting something That helps people live the life of their Dreams work about an hour a day and make Up to $1,000 per Commission 100% Commission’s on autopilot and again That’s the link in the description you Can find out more information but I say Right here one more freedom to do what You love see how I make a living from my Laptop in just an hour And then I link to that link and that Goes to my affiliate site and again you Don’t have to have a website I you know You can just send it directly to your Affiliate link and what you want to do The last step really for Instagram and Again there’s more steps but to make This easy is you want to be posting Pictures okay that relate to whatever You’re promoting so if you’re in weight Loss okay if your product that you’re Wanting to promote maybe on Clickbank is In weight loss then what you would do is Post pictures of weight loss quotes okay You can post pictures of people that Have lost weight maybe before-and-after Pictures okay you can go to Google Google images and type weight loss Motivation and you can actually upload Those pictures onto your Instagram and The cool thing is what will happen You’ll start to get people seeing their Pictures and then sometimes in your bio

Or in the description of the picture Okay so if I open this you’ll see that If I go up okay I say if you don’t like The road drill and start paving a new One well on some of my pictures what I’ve done and what I’d recommend you to Do you could say something like that you Know and then at the rate after that you Could say by the way if you want to Discover how I’m able to live this life Go to the link in my bio okay and you’re Directing people to your bio link and Again that’s gonna be how you’re gonna Be getting traffic in potentially sales As people go to it again you don’t need A website or blog and you can start Doing this as soon as today another Bonus tip with Instagram it’s good to Use hashtags okay which are basically Ways to categorize your picture and Start to attract people so you could use Hashtags like weight loss weight loss Tips if that’s what you’re doing And you’ll start to attract people Interested now the last free method is Something using Facebook okay now Facebook is a goldmine because almost Everyone has a Facebook account and it’s Totally free and I personally made Thousands and thousands of dollars to Last five years online just using my Free Facebook account Not running any paid ads not using a Blog or a website just using my profile

And there’s really two ways you can use Facebook you can do it on your Facebook Profile which I have okay I’ve posted I Post videos I post proof ok have Products that I’m promoting and I’ve Built a following ok so I have you know Seven To 8,000 people have followed me I’ve Built this following so when I post People are gonna potentially see it and I can send them to my affiliate product And stuff like that But you may be watching this and if you Don’t have a big following maybe you Don’t have a lot of friends well for you I recommend you go to Facebook groups so You can actually go to Facebook go to The top go to groups and then type in The topic of the product you’re Promoting followed by groups and then What’s gonna happen on Facebook is a List of groups in that topic are gonna Start to appear and what you want to do Is go through and join some of these Groups that have at least 10,000 members And then what you want to do is go into Those groups and start posting now you Don’t just want to spam your links ok People aren’t just gonna click a random Link in most cases you want to actually Share value give information teach share Tips share up motivation and as you Start to build a little following as you Start people starts to recognize you in

The group as someone that gives value That they know like and trust now you Can you know post hey guys I’ve been Posting in here for a little bit what I Want to do is actually share with you if You’re interested my number one Recommended way to lose weight or my Number one mixed martial art training Course or my number one whatever my Favorite camera okay maybe you join a Group on photography and you share your Favorite camera and that links to an Amazon product okay so this method is Absolutely credible and you it’s totally For free right so I hope you enjoyed This video my friend if you did get Value on exactly how you can start Promoting affiliate products without a Website or blog be sure to smash that Like button to let me know to make more Also be sure to subscribe it at the Bell Icon so you never miss out on my latest Full training just like this and last But not least my friend if you’re Watching this and you want a Done-for-you affiliate marketing Business in a box maybe you want to Learn more information on exactly how to Use Facebook YouTube Instagram in more And you just want a high paying Affiliate product that pays up to a Hundred percent commissions again be Sure to click the first link in the Description and check that out really

Think you’re gonna like that anyway my Friend thanks so much for watching and I Will see you in my next video take care [Music]

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